From strategic communications planning, to marketing collateral and targeted PR – CommsBank provides the flexibility of an in-house communications department, without the staff overhead. We are the doers, not just the advisors, becoming part of your team to fulfil the role of Communications Manager.

Great communications tell a story.  I believe that every business has an interesting story to tell; it’s just a matter of asking the right questions.

Your story gives your business a position in the market. It creates personality and sets your business apart, giving it a voice to inspire pride in its workforce, and to stand out from its competitors.

CommsBank uses its imagination and creativity to find and shape that story. Most businesses don’t generate news every day, so CommsBank digs deep into your business to find, create and seed the best content to interest your audiences.

Hours are banked and allocated to the type of communications that suit your business needs. Flexibility is the key – one month you might need three hours of communications support, the following month thirty hours. By getting to know your business, CommsBank will develop a communications plan aligned to your company strategy. We will react to changes by knowing your business, and will proactively pursue opportunities to show your business in its best light.

Communication makes the world go round. It facilitates human connections, and allows us to learn, grow and progress. It’s not just about speaking or reading, but understanding what is being said – and in some cases what is not being said.

Richard Branson