How it works

CommsBank literally does what it says on the tin – it’s a bank of hours that you can call upon when you need communications support.

From writing brochures to award entries, media training to managing press enquiries – CommsBank offers the flexibility to give you what you need when you need it. It all starts with aligning these activities with your company strategy. Following a free communications audit to determine what support is required, a bank of hours is agreed upon for a quarterly basis.

Hours are available in blocks of ten, and each quarter you will receive a full report detailing what activities have been carried out and how many Comms hours you have left in your Bank. Hours are valid for a six-month period and are non-transferable to another company.

What can you expect for your hours?

An estimate of what you could expect might include:








CommsBank prides itself on its integrity and willingness to build trusted and long-lasting relationships with its clients. We are not “clock watchers” and will always strive to go over-and-above for our customers.


A bank of hours provides full transparency of the value CommsBank gives to your business. It offers an alternative to the “consultant” approach with flexibility not necessarily applicable to a “day rate”. This approach works well in other disciplines, such as HR support and financial expertise; CommsBank will offer the same reliable support for communications activities.


Karen Slupinski, Founder and Director of CommsBank & Associates